Field Meal Essentials

It’s almost that time of year – HARVEST.

It is one of the most stressful and rewarding times of the farming season. Our guys are working around the clock, usually only stopping to take a quick nap in the combine. Like, they literally don’t even stop to eat. Which is why it is so important to pack them a meal that is equal parts tasty, nutritious (no time for a carb crash!), and convenient.

I learned a lot last year as my first harvest being a farmer’s wife. A lot. The most important thing I learned is that you need to have the correct tools to supply your farmer with a good meal.

A typical meal being sent out looks a little something like this…
– lunch box
– utensils (don’t forget this…trust me)
– water jug
– hand wipes
– a napkin
– thermos of coffee
– a few sides
– the main dish
– dessert (obviously)

I have compiled a list of a few of my FAVORITE field meal essentials. Enjoy!


So we personally have two different styles of lunch boxes around our house – a 6 Pack Bag and your regular old lunch bag.

The 6 Pack Bag is perfect if I’m going to be at work all day while the hubs is in the field. I can fit six different tupperwares of food in the main compartment! There is insulated sides as well which allows me to throw in up to four water bottles or thermoses, or even extra food storage for smoothies or fruit! The only downside to this bag is that the freezer packs to keep the food cold don’t seem to make it through an entire day out in the field (shocker). So what I’ll sometimes do is throw an ice pack into one of the Tupperware slots.

My husband and I each have one of  THESE 6 Pack Bags.

I ordered this lunchbox last year. . I was going back and forth between some name brands but after reading through some reviews on this one I decided to purchase it. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the quality and that I would highly recommend it! We have two of them in case one doesn’t make it’s way back to the house for a while. It is great quality, durable, washes well, and it perfectly fits and entire meal in there with room to spare.

Get THIS awesome lunch box for under $20!



Rubbermaid Brilliance is where it’s at y’all! I got some of these for my bridal shower and I have become obsessed. They are the absolute best for sending out field meals because they are locked tight so they won’t open up after being bumped around and they are SPILL PROOF! (cue angels singing). Wanna know the best part about Rubbermaid Brilliance? Dishwasher safe, baby.

PS If you go HERE to Rubbermaid’s website you can access some exclusive coupons!

THIS is my favorite sized set of Rubbermaid Brilliance containers.



Now I haven’t tried this one out personally, but Farmer Seth said this UA Sideline 64 oz. water jug has been his favorite by far. He claims that it keeps the water colder for longer and the cap stays tight and doesn’t leak. We have multiple water jugs, again, in case one doesn’t make it back home, and I try to fill it with fresh water each time I bring out a meal. Bonus! This jug comes in seven fun colors.

Get your UA Sideline jug HERE.



A good thermos is going to be a necessity for those chilly fall harvest mornings. I like to have a larger thermos for coffee, and a smaller thermos works great for soups and side dishes! I prefer to get thermoses that are dishwasher safe to make sure that I can get them completely sanitized.

Need a big thermos? Try THIS ONE.
Want something for soups and sides? Try THIS ONE instead.



These are a must have for a successful meal! They’re multi purpose. Get your hands clean from dirt and dust before you eat. Wipe them clean from crumbs and sauce post meal. Pretty simple. I like to have individually packed wipes to ensure that they don’t dry out after sitting in the lunch box over time.

Check out our favorite hand wipes HERE.



Your farmer will thank you. I always like to pack more than I expect him to eat. You never know if he’ll be pulling an all nighter or just be a little extra hungry throughout the day. Some of our go to snacks are apples, almonds, beef jerky, or protein bars. While I don’t love the ingredients list of these protein bars, my husband loves the flavor and says that they keep him full for a while. You can find a variety pack at Costco for around $15.

Check out Pure Protein bars HERE


Is there any items that are a MUST HAVE for your field days?
Let me know in the comments below!