3 things you can do to grow your client list right now

Let’s face it. Building a clientele can be hard no matter what industry you are in.


The climate is always changing. What’s trending? What sold best at this time last year? Should I run a special? What are my clients wanting more of? There are so many factors that can go into figuring out the magic formula to get clients in your door.

I’ve compiled a simple list of a few strategies that you can start implementing RIGHT NOW in your business.


1. Respond Promptly


Do you have emails in your inbox that you’ve been dreading opening? Or messages on your Facebook that you’ve been putting off responding to? Clients are more willing to commit and follow through when your response is quick and the idea is fresh in their mind. Not to mention they will be impressed with a fast response time, because it just doesn’t seem to happen very often these days! People like when they can talk to a real person, not an automatic response.



2. Follow Up


If a client has received a service or purchased an item from you, follow up and see how they are liking it. This can be scary at first because who wants to hear negative feedback? Uhm, nobody. If you do happen to get any negative responses use that as an opportunity to make it right for the customer and to improve your product or service.

If someone has reached out to you with interest about what you are providing but hasn’t pulled the trigger yet this can be a great opportunity to do a quick follow up with them. Don’t pester them or be annoying. A one time follow up is enough in the beginning. Just let them know that you are thinking of them and you are available to answer any more questions that they might have.



3. Be diligent with your marketing


Make a plan and stick to it. If you make a post saying “I will post my favorite podcast every Monday” and fall off the wagon after three weeks, people will notice. If you are looking to get your nails done at a salon and start poking around to find that perfect place are you more apt to go to the place who constantly posts pictures of their work, or the place who hasn’t posted since 2016? I think you know the answer. Create a manageable marketing plan for yourself and follow through with quality and educational content.

Let me know these tips work for you.

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